The High Calorie Cookbook!

A hardgainers guide to healthy high calorie eating

The highest calorie eBook around!

Finding it hard to gain weight?

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen?

Ready to pack on some extra muscle with high protein recipes? This is the book for you!

A whole STACK of tasty, tried and tested high calorie recipes just waiting for you to sink your teeth into!

68,046 total calories! Ranging from insanely delicious peanut butter cups to a mouth watering slow cooked Massaman curry. From a JACKED granola mix to a super quick and easy Nasi Goreng! This book has something for all tastebuds! (I've even included THE fish and chips recipe from my homeland of Manchester, England!)

Each and every recipe has one focus, above all else: they are HIGH IN CALORIES!


+ Recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

+ Essential tips to help you gain weight and smash your goals!

+ Tried and tested recipes, guaranteed high calorie and high protein!

+ Bake, fry, slow cook, blend and roast your way to a higher number on the scales!

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